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Redrum Beat Boxes : download of all time classic beat boxes

Redrum Beat Boxes : is a 23mb download of all time classic beat boxes. I
converted my private sample collection now also to REASON's ReFill format
for the Redrum device. It contains the same drum computers as in the
"Battery Beat Boxes" and the ones Angus has used for some DR-008 formats (he
did asked nicely though)

AJK Precussion, Akai XE8, Akai XR10, Alesis HR16, Alesis HR16B, Boss DR55,
Boss DR550, Casio PT30, Casio PT68, Casio RZ1, Casio VL1, DR.Bohm Digital
Drums, E-Harm DRM16, E-Harm DRM32, EKO Compu Rhythm, EMU Drumulator, Farfisa
PRO, Gulbransen, Hammond Rhythm, Hammond Varion 64, Hohner Automatic, Kawai
R50E, Kawai XD5, Korg DDD1, Korg DDM110, Korg DDM220, Korg KPR77, Korg
Minipop, Korg PSS50, Korg Rhythm 55, Korg S3, Korg SR120, Linn 2, Linn 9000,
Linndrum 1, Linndrum 2, Luxor Passat, Mattel Synso, Melosonic 350, Oberheim
DMX, Oberheim DX, Rhythm ACE, Rhythm King, Rhythm MASTER, Roland CR78,
Roland CR8000, Roland R8, Roland RHY33, Roland RHY5, Roland RHY77, Roland
SPD8, Roland TR66, Roland TR505, Roland TR606, Roland TR626, Roland TR707,
Roland TR727, Roland TR808, Roland TR909, Ruby Orla, SCI Drumtrak,
Sequential Tom, Simmons Kit, Simmons SDS8, Solton Compu, Sony Drumpad,
SoundMaster, Unovox Micro, Vermona Drum, Vermona PROG, Visco Space, Vox
Drumbox, Watford Elec, Wersimat 24, Wurlitzer, Yamaha EL605, Yamaha RX5,
Yamaha RX11, Yamaha RX21L, Yamaha RY30

download at