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Project 5- Props can sleep easy

I bought Project 5 last week (After getting a bonus at work and reading too many gushing reviews) and I have to say - Props have nothing to worry about.

First off, Project 5 appears to be more resource hungry than Reason - and this is without any 3rd party tools.

Secondly - it's incredibly unstable with NI DXIs. Using Absynth and Kontakt within it made it crash the entire PC (not just the program) on too many occasions to make it worthwhile using them. Both DXIs work fine (for me anyway) within Sonar.

Third - the effects tools aren't as good as the Reason equivalents IMO, especially delay and reverb.

The only thing that Project 5 has over Reason currently is the Synchron32 step sequencer. If only the Matrix could be like this.

Other than that though, I would advise people to avoid Project 5 - for the existing version anyway.