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Off Topic - But opinions and input needed....

OK... I used to Dj a long time ago (still do although not nearly as frequently and only as a hobby now). I still have my decks but I sold my Numark CD players a while ago...sticking me with about 150 CDs and a flight case to carry them.... A lot of the discs are older cheesy dance ('95-'98) and there's some newer stuff, commercial trance type stuff ('98-'01). My question is this... I want to post this stuff on eBay but i can't seem to think of a fair price for such old tunes... i was thinking about $1 USD a disc and like $40 USD for the flight case - the whole thing as a package (there's no way i'm listing 150+ CDs individually!) Does that sound fair as a starting bid? Some of the discs are imports and most definitely out of print (and not just the cheesy dance crap either). Let me know of you guys think that sounds fair as i haven't been disc shopping in a while and I don't really know what a fair price would be for a lot this size...