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I want to tell the truth

I got deeply into reason by getting a pirate copy.. I asked around because I wanted to make music and didn't have ANY clue to how tunes were made although I have DJ'd on and off for over 10 years..Someone gave me Reason and I loved it to pieces . I had no other knowledge of other music software at all let alone hardware but I could see Reason was special in some ways. I looked at this board for a long time.. watching conversations between people and searching for good quality sound cards etc. I didn't even know what MIDI was all about! seriously I had NO idea.. This is already sounding like a bad post to me but I'll carry on anyway.. There's something about 3:30 in the morning that does this to you. Anyway, I got into Reason and could see that this company were a small group of people who are busting a gut to bring something very powerful to ordinary folks. I respect that a lot. Luckily I am not in such a bad job situation so I could afford to buy Reason pretty soon after I got the pirate copy. I think Reason is so good it does that to you.. makes you see that it is worth every penny..I believe in Propellerheads and the Reason ethic..That was one year ago.. I have used Reason every night since I bought it with minimal fuss and lots of pleasure. I have wanted to express my musical ideas since I was 15 or 16 and now I am 28 and actually getting to do it with the aid of Reason.
I will be totally honest now and say what I feel about Reason's capabilities. After 1 measly year I am no audio expert but I do feel that Reason will not give me what I want. I want to make tunes. Tunes That are record quality and sound like they have been made in a studio (I know what you are thinking now so please listen!) Through Reason I have literally gone from knowing NOTHING to having a semi professional studio set up consisting of a mix of soft and Hardware. I have played live (and continue to) with renowned names in our business and have sold quite a few scores.. I have also been hooked up with a producer recently who loves me to bits. all in the space of a year (up until last year I was tone wife told me to jack it in and stop wasting money.)
Reason has taught me how to sequence and hook up Midi modules. In a virtual environment I have learned a hell of a lot of things that I needed to know about hardware stuff.
Reason will not give me enough kick because of its sound source i.e everything out of the computer.. When you grow up with analog sounds how can you swap the depth and feeling? Therfore I feel that Reason is not "stand alone" It is a fantastic plug in made to be used in another rewire compatible sequencer although I question the "tightness" of rewire. I currently use DP4 Reason and various hardware synths and drum machines etc. I wouldn't know how to go about using these items today if it weren't for Reason.
Reason however is still one of my main sound sources and I propose that Reason is a fantastic education resource and "plug in" tool. The company should stop hiding behind the "leaders" and introduce MIDI sequencing etc. It would soon be the no.1 tool to use for professional music production. I do not believe the Reason staff are leaving major features out of their software for any other Reason than inside deals with Steinberg etc. It's a shame.
In short contrary to what other people say about Reason This software leads me into exploring the hardware environment. Custom made modules compressed and ready to go are more user friendly than clicking forever trying to get that Reason sound right. Many people will bring me up on this I know but I want to make music not click a mouse (Yes I do have a controller).
Give me my major sources of sound (drums and bass) in hardware and Reason will very capably do the rest. I am happy to tweak away in Reason for 50% of my sounds but not all..
Sorry about any mistakes in this post but it is very late here.. Hope you can understand what I am saying and that know I love Reason to death.. So much that I want it to be less muddy and more studio friendly. The time is not right to do all sounds on your computer..
Hope I haven't made too many people mad andI know there are going to be lots of people telling me ways to get that Reason sound right ( I am aware of the stigma regarding "Reason sound" postings) sounds great to me but not as the whole source of a tune..Hardware+Reason kicks Ass