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Any opinions on music theory?

I am interested to know how many of the Reason users out there are actually musicians...meaning those who actually learned to play an instrument and everything that goes with it, i.e. theory, harmonies, chord structures, etc, etc, etc.

I am postulating whether there is only so far that one can go in making music before one realises that to progress further some knowledge and understanding of musical theory is required.

Of course, there are those who play by ear, but I think that perhaps to reach that greater depth of the creative person inside, one needs to be versed in some theory at least which would help.

As an analogy, one could think of speaking a foreign language. Knowing just a few words would probably get you by, but those few words backed with knowledge of the grammer would make make all the difference, and you would be able to express yourself much more faithfully.

It would be interesting to know what opinions are on this. Thx.