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Springs was not a Troll

Unless you mean because he loved Reaktor.

First, forgive me; I didn't have to live with him for years.

He started making music with ReBirth when he was a kid, and by one account, was here from about '98.

He was young and insanely arrogant, often preferring to brow-beat his answers into someone, or make them read between the lines. And sometimes he could be just brutal and cruel. He started many great threads, and "knew how to work a crowd". Too bad he didn't want to be a rock star!

It happens when you are young and are good. But make no mistake, he obviously loved this board. Some here were exasperated in their efforts to make him see the light, and he was as hell-bent on thwarting them as much as anything else. And then he went down guns blazing in a fit of self-destruction.

I hope he finds success soon. Don't you? Really? A string of failures can lead to even more self-destruction and well, me. I could read and write before I ever set foot in a school. Did a pretty good job of destroying the 'ol noggin, didn't I? Guano occurs.

I don't have a problem with his demonization here, and I'll bet he doesn't either (if he thinks about it a bit), but do not call him a Troll, that means something else entirely.

He was a one of a kind, no category. Actually, this board is filled with the type.

Oh yeah, one other thing should always be remembered when considering him. He was from NYC. I mean, have you ever been there? It ain't no Seinfeld episode.

Springs at his best