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Functional, expandable, DAW??? Advice needed! Your Setup?

Hello all....
I am running Reason 2.5 on a TiBook 800/512/40.

i want to mix reason with live instruments.......
i want my DAW to be EXPANDABLE, in other words i do not want to run out of processor power and not be able to add more computers to the system.
I know VST is designed for this but i think MOTU DP4 takes better advantage of OS X's Audio units and floating point processing capabilities whereas i am not aware that Steinberg/Nuendo has this same capability. And what about logic??
Also i am thinking of the motu 896 as an audio interface for the live instruments in which case I would ideally like to be using DP4...... but would i be limiting myself as far as expandanility in the future??? What gives?? I've been studying and reading stuff for more than a year now and am ready to create.....just want to be sure about what i'm getting into!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated....thanks alot!