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::USEFUL NOISE v2:: A few notes for those interested

Greetings everyone,

I just received my copy of "Useful Noise v2" from Keith Hillebrandt (of Nine Inch Nails fame). It's got some pretty good stuff in there, although there aren't as many rex2 files that I thought there would be. Still, alot!

There's a total of 1000 samples altogether - WOW! Lot's of gritty stuff, more appropriate for IBM/IDM/industrial stuff IMHO.

One word of warning for PC users however - it was created on a Mac, and in Apple's infinite wisdom none of the .aiff files actually have the file extension ".aiff" assigned to them - so you have to use a batch program to rename all of the files to be appended with the file extension ".aiff" if you want to have the Reason devices see them (what the hell is up with Macs and that file extension thing anyway? It makes things SOOOOOO much simpler on a PC to have file extensions that programs can be associated with).

I used a shareware proggie called "Batch Rename 2" - simple, stable, and quick (and free for the time being)! It allowed me to rename all of the files so that Reason could read them, without having to worry about the rex2 files (they already had the file extension ".rex2" added to them...whu...wh...what)? Go figure!

Anyhoo, just thought I'd share that for you PC users. Mac heads need not fear! BTW, it also come with ESX24 Instrument patches. How nice...?