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Attn: PROPELLERHEADS - drastic changes to the forum, etc

OK, I just have to say this because I realize it's been past conversation and on the list of woes for many, however, after spending some time over at Syntrillium's forum for Cool Edit Pro and talking to the Adobe employee responsible for the migration of Syntrillium community members to Adobe's (Adobe bought Syntrillium), I've come to realize just how important the format of this community is.

Sure this forum has its negatives, just as any other forum does, but I truly believe that the community that exists here exists because of this forums formatting. The content of the posts and our personalities - yes of course - but change the forum format too drastically and you'll lose that sense of community.

Anyhoo, I just had to say that. I'm pumped up because Adobe appears to have no interest in adjusting a forum just for the migration of the Cool Edit Pro community. Their attitude is pretty much, "come on aboard, love it or leave it". My feelings may be misplaced but I'm in awe over the lack of concern for a community that has been the life-blood of the product they just purchased to remake as their own. Seems like they're shooting themselves in the foot.