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Music wanted for Video production

I'm in the process of putting together a new mountain bike movie to be used on a booth at the Interbike show in vegas this october.

I did one of these a year ago for a local company, and they have asked if I can do the same for this year.

I was sitting back contemplating my sound track and hit on an idea, to see if anyone on the Reason board is interested in having their material in the video. You'll get full credits and the knowledge that your music is being used somewhere!

Here's the rub!
I don't get paid for this!!! The riders don't get paid....which means I can't pay you either!!!

At this point in time, I do it because it's fun, and I love the process of putting the video's together.

As much as I'd like to make a living from this...I don't...and have a full time job because shooting video does not pay the bills....but I would sure like it too!

If you are like me....a backroom musician, or your a little more serious about the music, and have something you think is

a. Suitable
b. Does not have any copyright issues
c. Something you would like to have 'out there'

Let me know.

And as a guidline....most of the action is highspeed downhill and 'freeride' (think insane stunts and jumps)

The last film I shot was played in a local cinema during a premier for a 'professional' production, as well as on the booth at this gives you an idea that this is not just me jerking is just me(and I am not a professional, although I have been shooting video of this stuff for the last three years), a camera, lots of my insane friends and local bike shops getting in on the action.

I want to guage response before I continue with this idea, so send me a mail to if you're interested.

If I get a good enough response (and I'll be tapping my guitar forum as well), then I will revive my StumptownProductions website and you can view the result....after October.