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Reason is GREAT for dark ambient! (new track)

New track: "Surrealist's Tomb" (link below)

Picture this; A previously undiscovered Egyptian Tomb is being opened for the first time. To everyone's surprise, once they get inside it becomes clear that this tomb was designed and decorated by surrealists!

Or that's the mental image I had when making the track - you might get different images altogether - if you do, I'd love to hear what they were.

This track is 99% Reason v2.5. The only external tool was Soundforge and that was just for recording initial samples and final compression afterwards (because Reason's compressor is so pitiful).

Some of the other tracks on my page - "The Mirage" and "Good Question" - are also Reason tracks, but they were from the time when I was trying to make more "musical" stuff instead of sticking with my primary interest of "painting with sound".

One final note: the term "ambient" has, in recent years, been hijacked by the dance music crowd to mean something completely different to what it used to mean. So don't write telling me this isn't ambient, it IS ambient, but it's "traditional" ambient, not "dance" ambient. Read the artist description on my page for more info.

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