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Rewire in Stereo

Hi guys,
I just downloaded a trial version of Project 5 for the hell of it last night and I realized something. When you rewire the devices from Project 5 into Sonar, each device shows up as a stereo rewire channel in Sonar. I always thought that the mono rewire from Reason to Sonar was Sonar's fault, but I realized since Project 5 shows up in stereo, that it's not Sonar's fault, but rather the way Reason sends the rewire message. Maybe it's something in the hardware interface? I wonder if anybody from props can comment on this. I also find it wierd that channels 1 & 2 can show up as stereo, but channels 3 & 4 can't. It seams that Project 5 did Rewire better than the inventors of Rewire themselves. If indeed this is a flaw on Props' end (and I did say IF), then I hope that Reason 3 will fix this problem. Just to further explore this topic, can anyone using a host other than Sonar describe if Reason shows up in their host app the same way it shows up in Sonar? I'd really like to find out what's going on here. If it ends up being Sonar's fault afterall, then I'll change hosts, but I can't see that being the case since Project 5 shows up perfectly in Sonar.