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The VSTi issue

We all know that Reason will never support VSTi. It's been said over and over and over (multiply the "and overs" as many times as necessary).

At the same time, the cry of "We want VSTi support" will also apparently never end no matter how many times it is reiterated that Reason will never support it.

So... how about the Props just create a simple host application - as a SEPERATE application - and allow it to be controlled by Reason's sequencer (through ReWire or something similar - since I don't use it I'm not clued in to the exact workings of ReWire).

Oh, I know - people will say "why don't you just use Cubase/Logic/Sonar/Whatever". Well... I don't have any of those applications, and I don't really feel like laying out the multiple hundreds of dollars necessary to buy those products for just the one feature of being able to use VSTi goodies alongside Reason.

A simple host app - useable by Reason, optimized for Reason, but not actually integrated INTO Reason - might go a long ways towards shutting up the people who just refuse to accept that Reason will NEVER natively host VSTi synths, and will at the same time not compromise the stability of Reason itself. While Reason could hook into this imagined host, the apps would still be completely separate. If some badly behaved VSTi synth took down the host, it wouldn't take down Reason with it.

Reasons sequencer sends MIDI signals to the host, and the host sends audio back to Reason. Other than that, the two apps run separately, and anyone who doesn't care about VSTi synths can just not use them and Reason won't care one way or the other.

Just a thought.