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M-Audio Ozone/ CoreMIDI Problem

I've been using Ozone with Reason 2.5 just fine until the other day. I installled Logic and Cubase and was trying to figure out how to record with the audio interface, and now when I go into Reason, I can't get my ozone to work. I go to preferences and M-Audio Ozone is no longer listed in the drop-down menu, but in my System Preferences, it seems to be working fine. Also, i just installed the ozone drivers from the midiman website, but everything had been working fine before then. How can I get it to work again? I'm kinda new to this, so i dont know about much, but i switched around some ASIO stuff trying to record live audio with the ozone audio interface...i dont even know what i did, but i just want my keyboard to work again!! waa!

michael corcoran