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What's the way out? (Headphones pitfall)

Recently I've fallen victim to the old mixing in headphones pitfall. I've been around long enough to know this is something to avoid. I don't live alone so sometimes I'm forced to use headphones. What I normally do is remix the song later using monitors. I'm currently annoyed because a mix that sounded great via headphones got lost in the monitor translation. Now the mix sounds just okay through the monitors, but it's complete crap in the headphones. Before remixing, I thought the headphone mix sounded excellent. I want my great mix back!

I don't understand how it happened this time. I normally work this way and manage to find a balance. If anybody has any tips as to how best maintain control when using both headphones and monitors to mix, I'd be very grateful. As for my track, I guess I'll have to strip it down, rebuild it from semi scratch, and remix again when my ear is fresh. By the way, shouldn't my final mix sound great in both headphones and monitors?

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