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New user -- two songs for your critique!


This is my first post to the message board. I've had Reason for a little while, but I've only been able to start experimenting with it recently. My first songs were a four-part series that I created for a film my sister was working on, and I guess they turned out okay. I've completed two more songs in the last month, and these are the ones I am hoping for constructive criticism on, or suggestions for improvement.

In my eyes, my weakest point is mixing/mastering -- I have no idea how to do it! So, all my songs are pretty flat sounding. I would love some ideas on how to make them sound better in that area, but ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

There are two songs for download at the following link, and they are listed under the names of 'candance' and 'She Makes Me Happy.'

Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to listen to them!
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