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audio quality when exporting stereo vs splits

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury

Recently, I have heard all too often from music software users that the audio quality suffers when doing a stereo bounce of a multi track project. Meaning 20 tracks in Reason finally end up as one stereo file (that you can burn as a CD in TOAST, etc).

I compared this stereo mix to the exported splits. I believe I had 7 stero tracks of the components in the mix. i imported the stereo mix and the splits into Logic and did an A/B test.

The stereo mix had lost most of it's stereo imaging when compared to the split/multi track audio version of this. I was dumbfounded. It made a huge difference! The split version had lots of life and balance, the stereo mix from Reason sounded canned and mono like.

If I then export the splits down to a stereo track I get the same results as the Reason export.

An engineer at work suggests taking the splits and routing them to a console and mixing there as opposed to internal mixing.

Any other methods to do this in software or are we just stuck with limited imaging and crunchy mixes?