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Topic: AUs cause problem with Logic 6 and Reason 2.5 Rewire.

I have a problem with using Audiounits whilst rewiring Logic 6.1 or Logic 6.3.1 with Reason 2.5.

I have two systems (desktop and laptop) and the problem is the same on both systems.

When I call up an AU in Logic, Reason stops working after the first loop - ie it's song position cursor freezes and I get held notes. This problem is only specific to looping. Just playing the song through is OK.

Does anyone else have this problem?

I was wondering if upgrading to 10.2.8 would solve this. Is anyone rewiring Logic 6 and Reason 2.5 successfully in 10.2.8 (whilst using AUs)?

Live2.1/Reason2.5 rewire is OK.
Logic6.1/Live2.1 is OK.

Dual 1.25

1 Ghz TiBook