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Multiple song windows and sticky MIDI focus

Hi all,

Just did my first-ever live performance using Reason 2.5 on a PB G4, a hybrid of prerecorded Reason tracks with live MIDI synth performance.

In order to speed up song transitions, we preloaded all of our set and then switched song windows as necessary. We didn't experience any bugs in rehearsal beyond the odd "stuck MIDI note" - if someone was playing MIDI in while I was opening other songs, when the "new" song window opened, a note would occasionally get stuck from the previous song window. We didn't consider this a killer bug.

In performance, even without anyone playing notes that could get "stuck," we switched windows and found that the live MIDI performance data was still going to the last song's window, not the frontmost window (i.e. the one with "focus"). So we ended up playing a song with the keyboard player playing the "wrong" sound!

I can see how this might be a "feature" - to keep a song playing normally while loading something else in the background, or prevent a song from stoping if windows get accidentally selected, but it goes against expected UI behaviour. If you stop a song, then switch windows, then start a different song, the frontmost song window should automatically get the MIDI focus, right? Might be nice to put an option to select this in the Preferences for version 3.0...