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Bug: AUS cause Logic/Reason Rewire problem in cycle mode.

My original post regarding this seems to have dissapeared from this forum.

There seem to be several people having this problem.

Reason stops playing after the first cycle if an AU is being used in Logic.

It's not any particular au. It's ALL AUs.

Apple AUs. FM7. Reaktor 4. Atmosphere. Stylus. Trilogy.

I have seen this this problem on both my systems (desktop and laptop) with Logic 6.1. Logic 6.3.1. Reaktor 2.0. Reaktor 2.5. and 10.2.6

I've heard another user replicate the problem in Panther

I've tried trashing logic preferences and refreshing the autoload in Logic (alt/new). Also repairing permissions. The problem still persists.

Both my systems are otherwise trouble free.

If you have this problem please email Propellerheads and Emagic.