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Sound design. . input appreciatted

Ok, a question for you if you have the time. . .

I'm a guitarist who dove into Reason a couple years ago, so bear with me if my terminology is not. . .ummm. . adequate for those who've been at synthesis for years OR if I'm re-beating an already battered and bruised topic.

I'm working on a "percolating", tempo-synced, rhythmic sound. I want the entire sound to consist of several sounds/patches layered together with each sound having their own rhythm, offset from the others (including their own panning spot and LFO sweep. . ect.) when I play a chord.

Taking a cue from one of Fred's fab articles, I'm stacking refill sounds in NNXT this way (which I wouldn't have thought of doing on my own in a million years - thank you, Fred.)

I'd like the rhythm for each sound to be generated via gate out's from Redrum - which to me is less messy and CPU-stressing than using several Matrixs. Problem is, I can't send seperate gate out's from Redrum to individual zones/sounds on the NNXT, at least that I'm aware of. Am I seriously missing something obvious?

I don't want the rhythm to be generated by NNXT's LFO's and filters because I can't get the attack I get from using gates.

I thought about forgetting the NNXT and stacking several NN19's instead, which would solve the not-enough-gate-in-jacks problem but then I'm back to not being able to play them all at once. . . Well, yes I can. . I know about setting the midi buses, ect. . I mean not being able to play and record them all at once. . . AND I couldn't use the cool sounds made for NNXT either.

Any thoughts (even DUH!) would be appreciated. Thanks ahead of time.

Peace -