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It's so nice to have things back to normal here

As a many of you may know, I've been hanging around this forum for quite some time. Years in fact. And...I's just because I've grown used to checking out what's going on around here, not to mention I'm a little bit obsessed with what's going on with the latest version of this or that. ;-)

It's one of the few places I can read through and trust that most of the regulars here are good people whose opinions I'm always interested to read. And I've always felt compelled to help those users that are in need, as people here have helped me in the past. Heck, I feel I ''owe it'' back to the community in a sense.

So when things got a little out of hand the past week, it was really an eye opener. All I can say is, I'm quite happy that things seem to be getting back to normal. Some advice here, some humor here, an OT subject here, and no one flaming a ''LOL'' for no apparent reason, or random acts of seemingly Tourette Syndrome sillyness (no offense to those who may have this unfortunate disorder). ;-)

It's good to be back.