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Automation suggestions for Reason 3.0

After using Reason for a while (years) I really feel these would GREATLY increase my creativity:

1. Single record of all automation data:
Once I have a good concept down it usually contains various layers of loops, samples, synths, beats, etc. Often a complete song can be created simply by playing with combinations of the different layers. I "jam" with Reason by playing with the mutes, patterns, effects, etc. of different devices including the mixer during playback to create different feels. I need to capture ALL this information in one recording to capture the feel and energy of what I'm doing. Recording automation piecemeal (per device) loses this creativity.

2. Snapshots of automations "state"
When jamming like this I would like to snapshot an automation state for later recall. Like I am jamming, messing around with effects, various mute combinations and other setting data and end up with a specific feel. "Aha, this feels great for the bridge" or whatever. I would like to snapshot this into "Snapshot A", "Snapshot B" etc. So then I can just recall whole Reason automation states in one go instead of entering 10s of automation settings just for one section.

3. Automation quantization
So when I am recording automation things like mutes, pattern recalls, etc. fall on the downbeat, or whatever quanization level I need (half bar, etc.). This saves me spending time going back and quantizing automation data killing productivity. I realize things like patterns, matrix etc., do this but how about all on/off state controls?