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Re: Need some tips on writing music!

Yeah man, I hear you. I was in your position a couple of years ago. I suggest this. Forget trying to "compose material" right now. First you have to learn how to use automation (I mean REALLY learn how to use automation) Start with programming some different drum loops, making the second one progress from the first. Start off with an easy techno groove on straight 4's, then for your second loop, add snare hits or something. You should be able to program these from scratch but if your lazy use Dr. Rex and pick beats you like. Then lay down some bass (nicely compressed FingerBass of an NN-XT sounds good) and them some keys and synth leads and youll have yourself a dance party in no time.

You really DO have to start listening to music really closely to get the hang of translating from what you hear in your head to what comes out with Reason.