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Reason Compression vs Mastering Plugins

Ok, for those of you who have fairly decent mastering plugins, i.e. the Renaissance compressor or other such programs - do you bypass all the compressors in Reason when you export it as a WAV? Or do you just leave as is? Because from what I hear the Reason compressor ain't too great, (no offense props). Does the sound quality degrade if you use the Reason compressors? Does the same go for the Scream 4? Also, does anyone have any good mastering tips, tricks, or plugin recommendations? I've seen the Renaissance plugins in action and they sound pretty good. I'm considering buying that package, but I'm unsure if there are any better options for relatively the same price. One last question - can anyone give me specific tips for producing hip-hop songs? Such as drum EQing, reverb settings, etc.

If anyone can answer any of the above questions, I would highly appreciate it. I know it's a lot to take in at once. Thanks,