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Need Laptop Advice... QUICK!

Hey, folks:

Getting ready to make a big purchase... today! Need a bit of advice:

I have my eye on a Toshiba laptop - following specs:

Intel Celeron 2.4GHz
40.0GB Hard Drive

Would prefer more juice, but the price is right. My needs are fairly humble -- Reason, recording audio (not sure what program just yet, leaning towards Cubase), and I do graphics work with Photoshop and Flash MX... that's about it.

Does it sound like this machine has enough power? In particular, I was wondering about the processor.

Also, I know that a scant 256MB of RAM ain't much to brag about and will most likely upgrade ASAP.

That's it -- I just need some advice -- planning on making a purchase within the next few hours! (YIKES!)

Thanks, friends. Happy New Year to all!