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My next song, Fear of Flying? This is the song for you.

Remember I"m still a novice .....yes like the first song blood run...

If you guys don't know behind the song, its about the Korean Air Flight 007 DIsaster in 1983 when a Russian Jet fighter blew up the Korean airplane at 30,000 feet in the air killing hundreds on board.

I made this song to find a cure of my fear of flight. All voices, NOise(I did with my mouth), Piano, Cello, the redrum beat I did myself. I did put one Dr.Rex loop in there. I hope guys like it.. and I hope you too will end Aerophobia.

I have to admit, i did sound kind of gay in the first 13 seconds of the song.. but I was trying to make a point!.

The song is called "Dream flight to Death"