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Free Dual Monitors in 10 Minutes

I have had dual monitors in the past at work but I had a special card to do so.

So I go to Fry's electronics to buy a card last night and I buy a Gainward FX powerpack that supports dual monitors from one card. I paid $75 on sale. I got it home and my new box doesn't have any AGP slots. It only has pci slots. Darn.

So I look online for "PCI Dual Video Cards" and I find an article that tells how to do it for free!

I salvaged a old pci video card from a computer that was a couple years old and sitting in my garage. I then pulled out my old 17" monitor. I installed the second pci card and plugged in my second monitor and boom I am up and running for FREE!!! You can drag the sequencer into the second monitor in Reason. This is the bomb. When I go back to the studio I will do it there also. (The pic above is my home studio) We can rewire reason into cubase and run them side by side. I am sure you can do the same with Live or whatever app you like next to Reaon. I feel like a kid again.

I also design web pages so this is going to be fatty.

I couldn't believe I did it for no cash. I will be at fry's tommorrow returning the other card. unless someone wants to buy it from me.

Anyway I am not posting this to get someone to buy it. I want you all to know how easy it is. It took me about 10 minutes start to finish!!! Now I am going to get another flat panel because the footprint of the old 17 is huge. Prob tommorrow if I am lucky Then I'll have to update my picture LOL!

Everyone should do this.... If they can I think it is the best thing since liced pizza.
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