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Building or Buying a PC [help]


i've always wanted to build my own computer, but i never got the chance to do so because something keeps getting in the way.
but now that i have time, i've been thinking of building my own computer (PC).

but there's one big problem, i dont know crap about computer cases, HD, optical drives, watts/volts, etc etc.

if someone could support me with some
recommendations on which cases, parts, etc, i should look into getting, that would be VERY helpful.

if someone could also support me with some links on building my computer from scratch would be nice too.

this computer is basically going to be strictly for Music, ART, and internet ONLY. so i want the best at it, but at a VERY cheap price.

as far as buying a new pc goes. ive checked out the AlienWare stuff, and whoa, too much $$$. ive checked out a couple of other stuff but it just always has that "extra" thing thats not necessary to what im planning to do.


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