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realtime pitch shifter and pitch corrector

I think a lot of people would like some sort of realtime pitch shifter in Reason. I can think of a dozen times I've had to endlessly switch between Sound Forge and Reason, over and over, trying to match a sample's pitch to my track. It would be perfect if it could achieve the same results that the EAX pitch shifter on the Sound Blaster cards did. It was clean and instantaneous. Just think of all the fun you could have automaticing the parameters on that.

But why stop at just pitch shifting. I recently tried out AutoTune 3, and I must say, pitch correction is amazing. From subtle, realistic pitch correction, to that infamous "Cher"-style effect, I don't know how I lived without it. I am a marginal singer at best, and the pitch correction got my singing to the point where I could actually use it in a song. Having this feature built into Reason would be outstanding, saving me from having to flip flop from Sound Forge to pitch correct my vocals and then reinsterting them into Reason each time I make a change.

Pitch correction isn't just a toy, nor is it some sort of sell out black box technology. It is a crutial tool for mastering and perfecting your mix. And it works on more things than just vocals.

Note values assigned to this pitch shifter/corrector could indicate the goal note for the pitch. However, automatable parameters would be a must so that smooth pitch bends could be made at both the semitone and cents level of detail.