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New Product: I have a dream :-)

I really can say that I'm seriously in love with Reason. It's by far the most intuitive and fun application I use for making music (or senseless noise as some of my friends say).

What would be really, really (*repeat at least 100. times) great would be a companion product to Reason called "Reason Modular" or something like that.

A modular system combined with the ease of use of Reason (I don't know how to make music without using my "Tab" key anymore :-)).

I imagine a rack like reason but with modules found in a typical modules synth (VCOs, VCAs, VCFs, Waveshaper, Sample Divider - whatever). The look and feel of Reason and the power of a modular synth.

Something build in "Reason Modular" could then be integrated into a regular Reason Rack using something like the ReBirth Module today (which - by the way - is absolutely useless on MacOS X; *hint *hint). Needless to say that one would be able to add multiple different "Reason Modular" patches to a Reason Rack.

For my part I have lots of CPU power to spare - my Dual-G5 would be more than happy with the idea to spend power for an absolutely great app like "Reason Modular".

And by the way - please add a more sophisticated step sequencer to Reason (or "Reason Modular" if that ever could become reality). I would like to be able to manipulate the gate length of individual steps, set the next step, have fw, bw, ping pong and random play modes and so on and so on...

Ok, that's all for today - I definitely need some sleep to dream even more :-)