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Adding low-freq. sine to bass kick for UMPF!

I go to Berklee School of Music and just recently we had a point-to-point conference with Tal Herzgard, where he ran thru a quick mixing and Q&A session. He broke down each track one by one and asked students how it could be better, then applied his techniques and tricks to it to give it that professional sound.

With the kick sound it was very interesting. Using Pro Tools, he used some sort of FX plugin that took the kick, duplicated it, and then with a gate or something, took the sub frequencies of the sine wave around 60 hz, and applied it to the original kick sound. Name or description of the plugin escapes me, but it was one processor. This gave the originally weak kick a much needed BOOM that you love so much when it comes to bass. I'm sorry about being so vague but my memory ails me.

Anyhow, so far I have generally been unimpressed by Reason's kick samples and was wondering if there was anyway to apply a similar process to the sound, either thru Reason or another program. (I don't have ProTools, being a Berklee student has left me poor)

I want that boom!