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Control Surface support in Reason please...

At the moment, Reason doesn't send fader information out to any midi devices. This means as it stands it is impossible to use Reason with touch-sensitive motorised faders.

I have PT LE which I use with Reason, and as a control surface I use the Baby HUI which uses the HUI protocol. Obviously, it would get too confusing if one control surface was to be used while using 2 applications such as PT and Reason. But when I use Reason by itself it would be wonderful if I could utilised my Baby HUI. Most of the control surfaces out there implement the HUI protocol and so if Reason could support this to some extent I think it could really be worth while. It could just be a simple operative such as activating HUI for the most recent mixer clicked on in Reason. The control surface would just syncronise itself accordingly with the 'active' mixer. It's just an idea.

I know that there are a number of midi-controllers which can be used with Reason, but there is nothing like using touch-sensitive motorised faders for mixdown and dynamic automations, punch-ins, etc.

I hope I am not the only one who would really welcome this in future versions.