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Sound Card Question(s)

Before I get ahead of myself, let me justify asking such amateur questions by saying that I am indeed a music production/programming amateur. ;D

My question is about sound cards. Before I bought Reason I was doing some research about synthesizers (the general concensus was that software was the way to go, and that Reason is the best of the best) and I remember reading about how different sound cards can have an effect on the quality of music produced. Is this true for Reason, or is it only true for computers with built-in synthesizers? Do the synthesizers in Reason rely at all on the sound card or are the sounds produced independently within the program? If so, would it be worthwhile to purchase a high quality sound card?

Also, another question, if I may. Let's say I want to perform live with Reason. What would I need? Just a laptop and a keyboard?

Thanks in advance.