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A (Sort Of) New Release, Plus Mad Rabbit News

Hey all. First, the goods: "Urban Wavelength", a powerful techno/rock epic, is now available on Soundclick at There's a story behind this one, but Mad Rabbit news comes first, in case you don't want to read the story, because it's rather long. :P


We've had a couple of tracks up in the last month or so that received excellent feedback, but still haven't seen their final releases making use of said feedback. Rest assured that those tracks -- "Desire" and "Impact" -- are still under development, and will ultimately see final releases.

An older track, "Illusion", has continued to receive feedback from various sources, most of which was centered around the overall crappiness of the weather sounds. "Illusion" is also being reworked for this reason, and for overall quality, and will see a fresh release in a few weeks.

Also, two new tracks are in the "polishing" stage and will release very soon: "Loss", brooding progressive trance; and "Robot Boy", a throwback to the super-synth sounds of our favorite Blue Bomber, Mega Man!

To everyone: thank you for your support of Mad Rabbit thus far. Cheers, and may your muses be with you!

And now, the story of "Urban Wavelength"

"Urban Wavelength" isn't a "normal" release. In fact, this track is probably over two years old. It's from my [unpublished] album "Cross-Section of a Philosopher" which was completed before Mad Rabbit came into existence.

Why release it now, then? First off, this is an "unofficial" Mad Rabbit release, and as such, I'm not making a request for opinions like usual. Of course, if opinions are provided, they will be graciously accepted, as always! The story behind this release is kind of sad, actually. See, through some organizational mishap sometime during the last two years or so, I somehow managed to lose the original song file. All I have left of "Urban Wavelength" is this MP3, so... short of a little mastering work in Soundforge, there's no way I can work on the song any more. That's kind of annoying, because this track uses a hodgepodge of samples acquired from all sorts of random places across the net that I'd really like to replace. Perhaps one day I'll painstakingly reconstruct this track in Reason.

For now, however, I simply want to get this track out there. "Urban Wavelength" is, in a way, near and dear to me, on account of being my first baby step into the wonderful world of electronica! (Before this, I was tracking pathetic attempts at punk rock music... oh the humanity!) It'll never be included on a commercial CD, mostly because I don't have permission to use these particular samples commercially, only freely. Nonetheless, with all the work that went into the track, I want people to hear it, otherwise it's a terrible waste!

So give it a listen if you've got a spare eight minutes, and spread it around if you find it worthy!

That is all.

Mad Rabbit on Soundclick