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New Tune: short, uptempo light jazz


The name of the song is "New Day". It's a peppy percusson, piano, flute, acoustic bass uptempo light jazz piece. A bouncy, happy piece by any standards. You'll find it at my website below.

I've been away for a while and it looks like I have a lot of tunes to listen to (and I will be doing that).

This piece uses some of my new fancy-pants software stuff that I'm trying to get used to. In this particular case, Reason is doing all the percussion stuff using my old reliable Rhythm of Life CD loops and is being rewired into Sonar. The piano and flute are EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Silver and the acoustic bass is Trilogy. Prior to this piece, I did everything in Reason exclusively.

Hopefully, you fellas (and gals, if there are any) won't drum me out because I'm not a Reason purist anymore.


Truly, I'm a Reason purist at heart.

Just when I'm really getting comfortable with Reason, I go and start to learn something new. Somebody kick me.

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