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Can Reason's sequencer work like Akai MPC sequencers?

Can Reason's sequencer work like the sequencer in Akai MPCs in how songs are constructed?

I'm coming from working with the MPC2000 and I found it to be quite intuitive and powerful. But I see more potential in the softer side of things so I'm making the switch.

Here's basically how the MPC sequencer works:

1) You can record "sequences" (kinda like "patterns" in other hardware sequencers like RM1X) that can be made up of a number of tracks. These sequences can be of varying measures in length and time signatures.

2) You can duplicate a sequence and make a new one by editing it.

3) You can go into "Song mode" where you can string together the different sequences you've made and construct a song. For example, you can have a sequence that can be the intro, a sequence that is the bridge...etc.

Now, can Reason's sequencer also work like this? Or does it just work like a linear recording app?