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What's the deal with "swing"?

Along the same lines as the recent Djen post about "beats", can someone please POST some EXAMPLES of what "SWING" is all about? I can't be smokin' crack without being aware of it, but dang it, I've seen some posts recently where people are explaining the concept behind swing and the magic of the MPC and, well, I don't know... either I'm a moron or I woke up on the wrong side of the universe or I'm a sleepcracker or I am COMPLETELY ignorant to the truth behind this "swing" thing.

I don't wanna read an explanation, I wanna HEAR *YOUR* rns / rps of a real life A/B comparison. Wich 1 yall'z up fo da challinj? r u a produsah and 4 reelz, or r u a nobuddy?

ok, that was stupid... :|

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