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Jazz Drums- Loops or Multisamples Help me find!

Hi My friends!

Jazz drum loops- cool brushes grooves, swing patterns at different sppeds, fills etc.

These seem Extremely rare! I have been looking for years, and I jumped at excitement when loopmasters released their jazz refill. I don't own it- I have tried the demo, and peff's review here outlines some of its strengths and weaknesses.

I may get this one, but i want to know if there are any alternatives! Im really looking for drums loops of different speeds- swing in particular but also brushes- slow ballard grooves and latin/afro stuff

I play the drums in real life- As an alternative- are there any NNXT multisamples drums out there (similar in technical programming to "in the cold loght of reason- the .rns demo with drum kit included"

what NNXT multisamples kits (especially jazz have you guys used and swear by?

I'd love some help with this!