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Re: pitch shifter module

:I'm really keen on the idea of a pitch shifter/corrector module. Something would allow for some realtime pitch shifting (anyone remember the Sound Blaster realtime pitch shifter that people used to make that stupid "wheeee" squirl voice?) as well as correct vocals and such.

yeah! i always wanted that... also a bit depth shifter so we could variably reduce bit depth - say push a sample from 16bit down to 1 bit and back - way cool!

:This module could have several pitch shifting methods, similar to how Live has a variety of shifters.

yeah! it's just something very useful.

:One of those shifting methods could be granular synthesis for sure.

THAT is why i always include the Processor when i talk about Granular Synthesis/Processing...

because the Granular synthesis is SO awesome all by itself, but if you could process other synths and sounds that would be WAY cool too!

including the ability to shift pitch, alter timings (like a buffer override effect with the extended ability to also syncronize buffer lengths to specific musical subdivisions)...

: Maybe another could be a nice formant shaping shifter like Melodyne has.

hmmmm i'll have to check that one out.

i am always looking for WAY cool - super out-there effects with a huge degree of versatility...