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REX slices to track on NNXT

this might have been covered before, but ...

i usually load REX loops into NNXTs rather than Dr.REX's -- i like being able to group and process slices individually using the NNXT's deeper feature set. every time i load a loop, i have to:
-- create a Dr.REX;
-- load the loop;
-- hit the 'To Track' button;
-- delete the Dr.REX;
-- create an NNXT;
-- load the loop into the NNXT;
-- reassign the former Dr.REX sequencer track to the NNXT;
-- delete the blank NNXT sequencer track.

if the Props added a Slices To Track button to the NNXT -- just a tiny square button; there's plenty of room on the NNXT's face even without opening the remote editor -- it would cut out five of these seven steps.

i know there's a tendency on the Props' part not to change pre-existing devices, and for good reason. but adding a To Track button wouldn't affect any existing songs or anything like that -- just as the addition of the pre-fader buttons to the mixer didn't change any existing songs.

so: add a Slices To Track button to the NNXT! can i get a witness?