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hmmm... samples...

o you have some kind of demo that can show my ears what you're hyping so relentlessly?

i have some sounds i have collected/made... but they would be more convincing if i had the BEFORE and AFTER sounds...

eg: first you get to hear the source samples - then you get to hear the granulated/synthesized audio...

i'll be right back...

ok i'm back..

here're some examples - although they are NOT mine and i have different visions of what to DO with Granulation... if you have an imagination you can see the open-endedness of the concept..'s/+temp/

keep in mind that even though the power of granular is wide ranging (and i bet you've heard it n the radio and wondered "how'd they Do that?) i have certain effects that i personally look for and these examples may not necessarily suit your ideal needs... =) (only two short samples used in this)