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:- i'm sorry if you got annoyed. i didn't specifically direct my message to anybody. i should had started new thread. it's just ME who is annoyed. i just wanted to say it.

no problem... no appology necessary... but i do think it is both ironic and hillarious that a person 'complains' about hearing too many feature requests in the 'Feature Request' forum! =)~ anyway - it is a 'Feature Request' forum... and it doesn't specify that they can't already exist! so some people will naturally exercise their right to ask for features that Reason already HAS... =O

:but there are those types who ask features that are already there if you just would read manual. this forum is just nowadays full of feature requests and lot of pure crap about reason

are you reallly surprised that there are feature requests in this particular area of the forums? you are a little weird.

:- if you don't raise damage control a lot there shouldn't be any significant overdrive. set damage control to about 10 and volume to full and you have good bit reductor.

i 'spose you right... good call...

it just doesn't seem to me that i ever get that really great 8bit sound out of it... i'll putz with it a bit more... maybe i should chan TWO and bit bit shift shift

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