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Headphone recommendations?

Hi y'all,

Woe is me, my 'phones finally gave up the ghost at the weekend, after many years of valiant service, in the face of physical abuse, being soaked in sweat and beer on countless occasions, burnt, dropped out of a window and even left to melt gently on a radiator. In the end it was just being run over by my chair for the 30th time which finished them.

May they rest in peace.

Now the quest is on to find a replacement for my treasured Technics RP-F550s.

Does anybody have any personal recommendations for replacements? I use headphones almost exclusively, for writing/mixing/mastering, the lot (the joys of living in a shared house) so they need to have superb sound quality, and be physically robust if they're going to last more than 5 minutes in my studio.

Any ideas warmly welcomed.