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Need quick advice on soundtrack music premiering soon...

I mentioned a while ago on here that I had been asked to compose the soundtrack for my school's live production of Shakespeare's Macbeth. It premieres this weekend, and I've got the soundtrack 99% done.

I thought I'd post a few tracks up here to see what you guys think of them. Some of them have been total nightmares to work with, particularly the mastering and EQing, and as such some of them will receive even more production-related work before the premiere on Friday night, although obviously the song itself won't be changed on such short notice.

Foop: The Reckoning (in dire need of crazy EQ madness)

Foop: Eddie Bauer Edition:

Climax "Preprise" 1 (one in a series of three):

Climax: Part 1

Foop and the climax track both have a bunch of other variations written, plus there's a somewhat minimalistic spooky ambient track with several variations that I might post up here at some later date but it's not that big of a deal.

In any case, this is Shakespeare...with dark orchestral ambient choral synth-metal. Hope you all enjoy it, comments are appreciated.
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