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A bug or not? Reload vs CDXtract

Ok i convert few of my AKAI discs to NNXT format.With Reload and with CDXtract. Once because of my mistake i reload two identical AKAI disc.

So when testing patches i found that CDXtract put on every NNXT patch "High quality interpolation" by default. This good. Technicaly and in theory even better than if this is not pressed

Reload does not switch this option.

Also sometimes in some patches velocity and ADSR envelope may be different vs Reload. But always good points goes to CDXtract. Sound is more louder. Probably because CDXtract sometimes put different velocity parameters and ADSR settings than Reload.

So i ask is this a bug or there is some more in depth configuration tool for Reload?

Why patches are not identhical between this two (great) converters?

BTW i tested this with Spectrasonic Distorted Reality 2