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Recording Question - But Wait! This one IS different!

Okay, I just bought Reason 2.5 for my boyfriend who is having a heck of a time with a certain thing he wants to do.

I understand it's wonderful ways in the sequence department and I have been reading over some of the past questions regarding Reason and the ability or not the ability to record.

The Malstrom synthesizer has some great sounds and my boyfriend recorded a wonderful track using a Midi keyboard. That was great and dandy, and we know the recording device will record the dial changes and what not, however, the thing he really wants to do is to have the recording device be able to record the actual instrument changes he is using.

What I mean by that is, he may have started the track using Arpeggio1 and then while it is playing, he changes it to AmbientChord2. Those changes do not seem to be acknowledged by the recording device.

(Oh and before anyone asks, "Why don't you just make another Malstrom Sequence track and use a different instrument and edit between the two?"

The answer is, in this case, he's switching up many instruments within seconds of each other, in which case the editing could take hours and also take away that "live & freeflow" expression.)

I assume that means that the instruments being changed are outside of Reason's recording parameters (probably an advantage for many people), but in this (possibly rare) instance, we want it to record.

So, based on my understanding of what I've read in the forum and around the internet and via support, I'm better off using an outside recording source (a different program perhaps?) to record the raw sounds that are emmiting from Reason.

1) Is this possible?

2) What programs will do this and does anyone know how they will do this?

We've attempted to use a basic Sound Recorder to try to pick up the sounds but I'm guessing maybe the format cannot be understood when it's not Published by Reason? (In that case it would be pointless for us as it takes away the "live" editing.)

I read up a bit that Sonar might work. Can anyone confirm that?

And above all is there any possible "switch" in Reason to have it be able to record instrument changes within one Sequence layer?

Any advice is better than where we are currently officially stuck.

Thank you!

- Amyzan & Kavamaker