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Historical Event! Song made ONLY with ET sounds!

Hello, boys and girls!

The successful landing by the Huygens probe on Saturn's moon Titan has had most of us recapture some of that childhood awe that surrounds these groundbreaking space exploration events.

Good job, everyone involved.

My new song, "Far Out", is made EXCLUSIVELY with the recording of Titanic wind made by the Huygens probe. To make it absolutely clear: this sound was recorded using a microphone on the outside of the probe as it was falling towards the moon's surface, and beamed the 1.25 billion kilometers back to Earth. The atmosphere rushing by (or the probe falling, whatever...) makes a wind-like noise, the recording of which has been released and can be downloaded many places. The sample is REALLY a recording of wind on a different celestial body.

I stuck a little 10 second clip of the wind noise into a bunch of NN-XTs and went to work. I've made all these sounds by micro-looping the same sample, often ending up with nearly basic waveforms, and then I've stuck a shitload of choruses, compressors, eqs, filters, reverbs, you-name-its on there, to end up with the sounds that went into this song. You might say "But that's cheating!", but I'll say the same goes for almost all recordings of sounds recorded or generated on Earth, and no-one disputes that they are terrestrial in origin.
I stress that ONLY NN-XTs with the Titanic sample produce sounds here. There are NO earthly samples, nor synthesizer generated sounds.

I know the song could have been better from both arrangement and technical points of view, but in this case I felt I was in a hurry, because I really really wanted to be the first earthling to make a song using ONLY samples from another planet (or moon, to be accurate). I learned most of the techniques I used in the process of making it - less than a week - so I know Titanik will improve.

I'm going to make more songs using the Titan recording, but this one was the first, and the time stamp of this post will prove it for all eternity: Titanik was first!

I hope you like it, and I hope you tell all your friends.