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Sequenced in Reason mixed in Sonar 4

Hey guys!!!!

I'm new here...and I have to say this is one of the best, if not the best musician's forum on the net.

Please check out and listen to my tracks there. Specifically "Raver's Paradise" which got the most positive response from friends and listeners alike. A little info on "Raver's Paradise" ;

I sequenced the basic structure of the track in Reason 2.5 (drum patterns, bass, a few synths etc.). Additional synth lops were proggramed using FL Studio 4.5 and Project 5 then were converted to REX files to be sequenced in Reason. After I made the basic stucture of the track, I stemmed the parts to .wav....for those of you who are not familiar with stemming....stemming is basically exporting mixed-down parts to audio then resequencing them into the my case Sonar 4. I did the steming this way. I did a mix-down of the drum part (kick, snare, hats etc.) to a stereo track. I exported the bass alone so I can tweak it. I did a mix-down of the synths. I mixed down the piano part so I can use the reverb in Sonar 4. By the time I stemmed the piano, Reason's job was over. Now in Sonar 4 I lined up the tracks again (the project's tempo is 136), did a quick mix, then I added textures using Absynth 3. After that I applied a tube effect to the bass, I used IK multimedia's Amplitube for that. Then I added my compressions to the drums and the bass to give them a little more punch. Then I added BBE sonic Maximizer to the drums to fine tune it. Then I did my automations, volume envelopes etc. Then after this I did the final mix to the track, mixed it down to stereo .wav file, applied my final EQ to the mix, put some compression, then maximized for the final volume of the track, all of which I did using Waves Diamond Bundle.

For any feedbacks on "Raver's Paradise" or my experimental ethnic track "Kultura" please post it here, or email me at

Peace and Respect
-Miguel (multiphonik)