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Pro Tools and Reason - a rocky relationship?

I've been running Pro Tools and Reason together in OSX 10.2.8. I've got a relatively fast g4 tower - 733 mhz. They work, but they are a little clunky together.

1) I have to continually change the buffer size to sing without latency. If I set it low, Reason struggles - if I set it high - then singing is really latent.

2) I believe that Reason won't play through Digi's hardware unless I have Pro Tools running, right? Is that an OS 10.2.8 problem?

3) Sometimes, I can't change the markers in Reason so I have to shift to Pro Tools.

4) The tempo won't automatically set in Pro Tools once I start a Reason session. Often, I can't remember what I set it to when I was running Reason separately - so I have to quit everything and open up Reason by itself to figure out what tempo I was working with.

These things aren't bugs. They're more of a hassle. Are there ways to skirt around these annoyances?